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EV Home Electrical Installation Services

EV Charging Station Installation - Laurel MD

EV Home Charging Station Installation Professionals Laurel MD

Professional EV Home Charging Station Installation – Laurel MD

Electric cars are a wonderful alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles, but of course they need electricity. That’s why electric car charger installation has become necessary in many areas where EVs have been adopted widely. These chargers can be installed at home or outside your office building if you’re an employer looking for more environmentally friendly options for employees commuting by EV – and it doesn’t hurt that these installations will save you money on fuel costs too!

There are many benefits to electric vehicles, but the main one is that they’re cheaper on fuel and maintenance costs. Electric cars also have lower emissions than gas-powered models; in fact, you could say they contribute less to global warming since there’s no carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by them. If you want an electric car charger installation for your home or company facility, contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services as well as provide a free quote so that we can help make this goal of yours possible. Are you considering purchasing an EV? If you’re interested in finding out how we can help with this process, Contact Us today and one of our experts is happy to work with you on the details.



There are three types of chargers for EVs:

  • Level 1 charger: This comes standard with most new e-cars. EV charger installation is not necessary here as it uses any normal three-prong (120V) outlet. However, it charges very slowly with an 8-hour overnight charge adding only 40 miles of driving. It takes up to 20 hours or more to fully charge the car’s battery.
  • Level 2 charger: This is a more advanced EVSE charger that needs a dedicated 240V circuit, which must be installed professionally in your home. It works much faster than level 1 charger with a one-hour charge adding up to 25-30 miles of driving.
  • Level 3 charger: This is the fastest recharging method currently available, adding about 160 miles of driving with a 30-minute charge. It has an industrial-level power draw, meaning this EV charger installation can only be done in an industrial building.


Before a technician can install EV charger at home, they’ll inspect all equipment and the site as well. You may also need an electrical system upgrade like installing a new dedicated 40 AMP, 240V circuit to support a level two car charger installation. Your licensed electrician will then install EV charger at home following the manufacturer’s specifications, while conforming to all national and local electrical code requirements. Last, but not least, the electrician will conduct a full inspection to ensure everything is functioning properly. You’ll receive information on equipment features and their correct usage, necessary maintenance, as well as the warranty terms.



When e-car owners are looking for EV charging station installation in Laurel MD, they turn to us. Our electric vehicle charging station installers are licensed and highly trained to offer quality services promptly.

Are you in need of an EV charging station installation or other residential or commercial electrical work? Look no further than Seals, LLC. We’re dedicated to providing quality reliable electrical services all across Maryland. Call us today at  (240) 304-7031 and speak with one of our specialists.

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